Findlay Durham and Brodie Sales Ltd is an importer and distributor of high-quality steel to the UK

Established in 1852 as a shipping and confirming house by Henry Durham and George Findlay, the business has evolved over time while maintaining its family ownership and management by the Durham family.

For decades, FDB Sales has been a pioneer in importing steel. Thanks to solid partnerships with suppliers cultivated over the years, we strive to ensure that our steel is of impeccable quality and offered at competitive prices.

Our extensive industry expertise has earned us a reputation as a reliable partner for steel users across the UK and Eire.

Our company specialises in importing premium quality steel from South Africa where high-grade iron ore is available.

We are able to offer a wide range of steel products such as bailing wire, cable armouring, wire for screens for the aggregates industry and high carbon wire for the manufacture of springs.

We can offer jet wiped heavy galvanised wire and pad wiped commercially galvanised wire to BS 10244-2:2009, as well as uncoated (bright) or wire coated to customers own specification.

We work closely with the mills and manufacturers to ensure we supply the highest quality steel, that can outperform in the most challenging conditions.

Our imports come with full traceability. We can effectively trace all of our products to the individual cast from which the steel originated.

We understand that our clients’ main concerns are quality and price. We can supply exceptionally high-grade steel that is solely derived from iron ore. We engage in price negotiations on a monthly basis with our suppliers, allowing our customers to enjoy competitive pricing.

We are not a web-based service and prefer to speak with our customers by phone or email. A personal touch is essential in business today.

Good business starts with good relationships. At FDB, we take pride in excellent communication with our clients and suppliers, meaning we can provide accurate updates on deliveries throughout the entire process.

For years, our extensive industry expertise has made us reliable providers for our customers.